Position Summary and Scope of Service:

The Psychometrist provides services in accordance with the Mission and Values of St.Amant, policies and procedures of the assigned Program(s), external legislation and regulatory bodies and all relevant professional standards of practice. The Psychometrist is familiar with and promotes a “customer service focus” in the provision of services to clients, staff and in other professional relationships.

As an active team member in the Program(s) assigned, the Psychometrist participates in continuous quality improvement activities, including the development, modification and implementation of service and program goals, objectives, policies, procedures and standards. The Psychometrist uses service evaluation feedback to purposefully and continually strengthen services. The Psychometrist actively supports all program initiatives designed to strengthen services and program integrity.

The Psychometrist supports a client-centred approach to service or family-centred practice when applicable. The Psychometrist promotes processes which contribute to self determination and the development of skills and competencies of individuals and care providers. This pertains to all areas of intervention, including assessments.

The Psychometrist performs all duties professionally, ethically and with integrity. The Psychometrist takes an active role and personal responsibility for continuous learning to promote knowledge and best practices. The Psychometrist participates in staff development opportunities, research and maintains all professional registration and continuing education requirements.

The Psychometrist is familiar with social policy, issues, trends, practices in the field, needs, gaps or opportunities which may improve the lives of persons with disabilities, or which promote social justice, equity or accessibility.

The Psychometrist is familiar with and adheres to all policies related to risk management and those of workplace activity, promotes and follows all safe, healthy and respectful workplace practices.


Educational and Professional:

  • Possess an M.A. or M.Sc. degree in Psychology from an accredited university with training and clinical experience with psychometric assessments
  • Performs all duties under the supervision of a Certified Psychologist (C.Psych.)


  • Must possess a minimum of one year’s experience in providing psychometric assessments to individuals with developmental disabilities, autism, and/or psychological/behavioural disorders
  • Knowledge of the structure of social, health, and educational services within Manitoba
  • Must be able to work effectively with clients, caregivers and families, staff, other clinicians, and other agencies
  • Must be proficient with a variety of standardized psychological assessment tools used for evaluating cognitive abilities and adaptive functioning
  • Must demonstrate ability in data collection and analysis, and interpretation of the information obtained by these assessment techniques
  • Must possess a comprehensive knowledge of theory and practice relevant to the support, assessment, and treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Must be knowledgeable of the literature in the area of disabilities, of the history of support and treatment to this population, and of current trends, philosophies, and practices concerning their care, education, work and lifestyles
  • Ability to support and practice interdisciplinary teamwork in order to provide services in the clinical, educational or living environment of the person with a developmental disability
  • Ability to define a service plan with individuals and caregiver
  • Understands own clinical limitations and seeks support and consultation for clinical activities so as to do “no harm”
  • Prioritize, structure and manage scheduling caseload(s) effectively to achieve targeted outcomes
  • Ability to identify high risk situations and respond appropriately


  • Ability to demonstrate behaviour consistent with the Mission and Values of St.Amant
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Ability to provide education and training in public forums
  • Knowledgeable of the concepts of Quality Improvement (QI) and ability to implement services consistent with these concepts in a complex environment
  • Positive, energetic, self directed and client focused
  • Ability to serve as a model in cooperative teamwork, conflict resolution and process improvement
  • Ability to work harmoniously and contribute to effective employee relationships
  • Ability to travel and work flexible hours as necessary
  • Possess a valid Manitoba driver’s license and a vehicle is a necessity for community based programs
  • Successful completion of a satisfactory Criminal Record Check and Abuse Registry Check is required
  • Proficiency in a Microsoft Office environment
  • Project a professional image
  • Possess the physical ability to perform the duties of the position

Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical Care Management:

The Psychometrist will provide services while ensuring adherence to St.Amant policies, Mission, and Values.

Duties include:

  • Reviews and conducts assessments and exchanges information with other program staff and member of each individual’s support network in order to identify the abilities and needs of clients
  • Plans and schedules assessment sessions as to maximize efficiency and resources
  • Ensures that each individual’s assessment is thoroughly and conscientiously documented
  • Assists in preparing written assessment reports along with supervising Psychologist
  • Identifies the needs of the client, taking specific responsibility for identifying psychological / behavioural needs
  • Makes informed decisions concerning the well-being of clients and their families during assessment scheduling and delivery
  • Participates in any continuing education programs required by St.Amant
  • Ensures the involvement of “significant others” including direct caregivers (staff) and family members (where applicable) in the assessment process
  • Ensures there is appropriate consent related to assessment or exchange of information and reviews this regularly
  • Ensures that a service plan and timelines are specified for the assessment process
  • Consults effectively with other supports and services to ensure coordination of planning
  • Participates in client review meetings to ensure effective communication necessary to achieve a consistent, strong client focus
  • Develops a clear understanding of health or client record documentation standards according to specific programs and policies and maintains these standards
  • Documents and maintains client files in a format consistent with program protocol and timelines
  • Ensures clinical outcomes are monitored, documented and shared
  • Reports and documents all high risk or potentially high risk situations according to the policy
  • Evaluates new products and equipment to meet client specific needs
  • Develops clinical specialties / competencies in accordance with priority needs of the clients

The above information is intended to describe the general nature of this position and is not considered to be a complete statement of duties and responsibilities. Additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned provided they are consistent with the qualifications identified and fall within the parameters of this role.

This is a preference competition. All applicants are encouraged to apply; however, preference will be given to Indigenous candidates. We encourage Indigenous applicants to self-declare in their attached cover letter.

St.Amant is a bilingual organization. Proficiency in both official languages (French/English) would be considered an asset.

St.Amant supports equitable employment practices and promotes an inclusive workforce representative of the people we support including diverse abilities, backgrounds, cultures, and identities. Applicants can request reasonable accommodations in all aspects of the selection and hiring process.

As a condition of employment, successful candidates will be required to provide a satisfactory Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening, Adult Abuse Registry Check, Child Abuse Registry Check and Prior Contact Check.

As a Condition of Employment, new hires must complete a series of Occupational Health checks. This includes the requirement to confirm immunization or immunity of specific communicable diseases. Successful applicants will also be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to start date.